We make buildings energy efficient


ista promotes energy efficiency in buildings worldwide. To achieve this, we are increasingly using digital technologies for the transparent metering, billing, visualisation and management of individual heat consumption – in short, submetering. For one thing is clear: people must become more aware of energy consumption in their own four walls if government climate protection targets are to be achieved.

Individual billing

People can only consciously save energy if they know what they are actually consuming. We create this transparency. Submetering enables every resident of a multi-family building to receive an individual bill for heating and hot water costs. Everyone therefore only pays for the energy they actually consume. And everyone can decide how actively they want to manage their own energy consumption. It has been demonstrated that on average residents make sustainable energy savings of 20% and therefore also cut costs if they receive annual consumption information.


Our customers are housing companies, house owners and home owners’ associations. We are also increasingly extending our activities to include commercial properties.

The future is digital

Changing customer needs and requirements encourage us to systematically develop our infrastructure further. We therefore already read energy consumption using modern radio technology in over 60% of all the properties we look after today. And we are aiming for 75% next year. After all, submetering works even better when it is digital. Radio technology has two major advantages for the consumer: firstly, there is no need for a meter-reading appointment and, secondly, consumption figures and costs can be processed and viewed even more transparently on a web portal or smartphone – not just once a year but also regularly during the heating period. As the latest studies show, residents who receive visualised monthly data consume on average another 7% to 12% less energy than residents who are not given this information.

The smart multi-family building

The greater transparency provided by individual consumption figures can therefore lead to greater energy savings. However, real control possibilities and influence on user behaviour in multi-family buildings are currently available to only the very few. The buzzwords here are “smart home” and “smart building”. In the multi-family building sector, there have so far been very few approaches which live up to this claim. We are therefore continuously developing our core competence, submetering, towards the smart, energy-efficient multi-family building. This year, in cooperation with Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik, we launched an initial product for the intelligent control of heating and other appliances in multi-family buildings.

We are thinking further ahead in this direction and are already planning more intelligent bundled offerings geared to energy efficiency, convenience and safety. Today, we already offer services for greater tenant safety throughout Germany, for example smoke alarm devices and drinking water analyses, which we will also develop further in future.

Represented throughout the world

With its head office in Essen (Germany), the ista Group operates in 24 countries worldwide. In addition to Germany, we focus on European markets such as Denmark, France, Italy and Spain. Fast-growing markets, such as China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, are also gaining importance. ista is already the market leader in many of these countries. In Germany, the Group is one of the leading companies in the industry. ista’s activities are supported in some countries by independent service partners. In Germany, they are, for example, responsible for installing and reading meters.


Our major key figures G4-17

In 2015, ista recorded worldwide sales of EUR 810.4 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.7%. Total capitalisation amounted to EUR 4.3 billion. EUR 132.5 million was invested in the reporting period, including EUR 101.4 million alone in hardware components which we rent out to our customers. 5,397 employees worked for the Group. The full-time equivalent as at December 31, 2015 was 5,114. Women accounted for over 48% or almost one in two of the workforce in 2015. In addition to ista Luxemburg GmbH S.à r.l., another 47 companies are included in the consolidated financial statements of ista Luxemburg.

in EUR million 2015 2014
Total capitalisation 4,228 4,230
– of which liabilities 3,973 3,960
– of which equity
255 270

Our management team

The management of ista International GmbH is responsible for strategic and operational control of the ista Group. The managing directors are Thomas Zinnöcker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christian Leu, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Jochen Schein, Chief Operating Officer (COO). The remuneration of the management consists of a fixed component and a variable component that depends on the overall success of the company. Christian Leu, Maria Oestreicher and Pierre Baumruck sit on ista Deutschland GmbH’s Supervisory Board – Christian Leu is the Supervisory Board Chairman. The ultimate parent company of the ista Group is Trius Holdings S.C.A. headquartered in Luxembourg. The majority of this company’s owners are funds advised by CVC Capital Partners. The ista management also holds shares in the company.

Picture credit: grasundsterne