Privacy Police

ista is sensitive to privacy issues and respects the privacy of visitors to our website.


Types of information we collect and what we do with it

Each time you visit ista website and each time you download files, certain types of information are automatically collected and saved. This information is not personally identifiable. In other words, ista does not track which individual users download which files.

We typically collect the following information for each download:

– the name of the file that is downloaded
– the date and time of the download
– the size of the data transfer
– whether the download is successful
– IP-address
– in some cases, your computer’s operating system and what browser you’re using
– the Internet address from which you just came.

We’re unable to create individually identifiable user profiles.

We collect the above types of information for statistical purposes only.

Our website allows you to register to receive certain information, to submit online job applications, to respond to online surveys, and to complete certain types of online transactions.


This website uses Piwik, an Open-Source-Software for statistical analysis of visitor access. Piwik uses “Cookies”. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and serve the purpose of analysing use of the website or website optimisation. The information generated by the Cookie is transferred to our server. The IP address is immediately made anonymous after processing and before being saved. The information generated by the Cookie on your use of this website will not be passed onto third parties.

Comment function

You have the possibility to write comments under the articles of the INSIDEista magazine (

By using this comment function, you agree to us storing the information you have given such as e-mail address, display name and comment for the duration of the publication of the article or until you ask us to delete your comment.

Your  e-mail address will be used solely to inform you when your comment has to be deleted or will not be published due to unlawful content.

The only information that will be published is the display name, the comment as well as the time and date when the comment was written.

We reserve the right to delete comments that contain unlawful, inappropriate or offensive statements. You can also report illegal comments to our editorial team. Please use the report function on the comment to do so.

If you would like to have your own comment removed, simply write an e-mail to


The purposes for which we use and share your Personal Information

In accordance with regulations regarding the protection of Personal Information, ista collects, processes, and uses Personal Information only in order to complete transactions, to advise and serve our customers, and to offer our customers quality products and services. ista processes data to the Billing Center in Gliwice. This is ensured by special contractual clauses with the German data privacy laws.

If you have questions about the use that is made of your Personal Information, please direct your inquiries to

Privacy Policy Officer (“Datenschutzbeauftragte/r”)
Luxemburger Str. 1
45131 Essen

Visitors to our website will always be informed if their Personal Information is shared with third parties. You may therefore elect not to have your Personal Information shared in this way.