Building Partnerships


People have always relied on one another, mastered their everyday lives together and built up networks in their social and professional lives. Why? "He who works alone adds, he who works with others multiplies" – with an approach based on partnership you make progress in most cases, particularly in cooperation with customers. "Building Partnerships" is therefore also one of ista's Shared Values. All over the world, we have the vision and aspiration to promote trust and enter into partnerships with our customers.

The fact that a common understanding of values leads to success has now been demonstrated by a new project between ista and the largest trade centre in Turkey, “PERPA” in Istanbul. Located on the Bosphorus, PERPA is not only the largest but also the oldest trade centre: on the European side of Istanbul where the six towers of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque can be seen from afar. Almost 25,000 people work in some 5,000 different businesses in the building, constructed on an area of 669,000 m² in 1986. You can already guess how big the building is from the fact that PERPA has almost 40,000 visitors every day. So it’s no wonder that the owners regularly consider how they can increase the building’s appeal. In view of the increased demand from tenants but also new statutory energy efficiency regulations, the management team of the owner, Remzi Yüzbaşioğlu, decided last year to renew the heating and air conditioning system. And from now on, the costs of heating and cooling are to be allocated to each individual tenant on the basis of consumption.

“The market sees ista as a strong partner in the energy efficiency field.”

And this is where ista comes into play: the team under Country Manager, Zafer Yavuzturk, responsible for ista Turkey, won the contract and will equip the first part of the building with 4,000 sensonic II heat meters. “We are very proud and pleased that we managed to win this order,” says a delighted Zafer Yavuzturk. And rightly so: for ista Turkey has some 50,000 housing units in its portfolio. Thanks to the PERPA order, the total volume has been increased by 10 % in one fell swoopista will then perform the entire servicing of the installation and commissioning of the devices and meters in the building, the monthly reading of the meters as well as billing. “If we execute the project successfully, we will have a good chance of also winning the second part of the tender,” says Zafer Yavuzturk, who is confident because ista has a good reputation on the market. Remzi Yüzbaşioğlu from the PERPA management team agrees. “ista is regarded on the market as a strong partner in the field of energy efficiency. We believe that, in ista, we have a trailblazer on our side who will provide us and our tenants with highly professional help to save energy and resources sustainably.”

PERPA is not only the largest but also the oldest trade centre in Turkey.

A common understanding of values was also important to Remzi Yüzbaşioğlu when selecting the service provider. “The people employed in the Perpa trade centre work very efficiently. In the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, time is a very important commodity.” With ista’s radio technology, PERPA can provide its tenants with individual bills very promptly. That saves time, money and ultimately energy as well – when everyone knows what they are consuming.

Mithat Yumlu from the PERPA management team (2nd from left) and Zafer Yavuzturk (2nd from right) signing the contract.

Things will get going in the next few days and ista will then equip the building with meters. And what about the future? Zafer Yavuzturk would like to continue growing in Turkey – that’s definite. The booming real estate market is helping him: some 500,000 new housing units are built in Turkey every year. Zafer Yavuzturk would like to expand ista’s reputation in the field of building renovation and conversion. He wants to draw attention to ista with marketing activities and, in this way, also become more active in the new build sector. It is therefore only a question of time before the Turkish team enters into more partnerships for ista.

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Picture credit: ista, – Viacheslav Lopatin