Analogue views on digital


Digital communications – why are we actually doing that and why is it so important to us? Five people who should know have found answers: Thomas Zinnöcker, Jochen Schein, Christian Leu, Jana Eggerding and Mirko-Alexander Kahre on the future of communications, how we want to contact our stakeholders and why we need INSIDEista for this.

Thomas Zinnöcker, CEO ista International

“Transparency and sustainability in all areas: that’s what ista stands for. Essentially, our company aims to give residents in multi-family buildings regular information on their heating and water consumption as simply as possible. Then everyone can decide for themselves how much energy they want to save in their own four walls. By increasingly using digital technology for this purpose, we also want to offer greater cost control alongside more comfort and create more incentives to save energy. And so it is only logical for us to also adopt a digital and therefore more efficient and more sustainable approach in communications.”


 Jochen Schein, COO ista International GmbH

“Digitisation has long since reached our core business. Today, most of our customers already use radio-based meters and systems. Using apps and web portals, we create transparency of  individual consumption data for our customers and their tenants. One thing today is for sure: the trend is heading towards the smart building. In future, our customers will want even more choices and modules to record, process and visualise but also completely new digital-based services from us. It is therefore only logical and a question of credibility for us to also make use of digital formats in dialogue with our employees, customers and stakeholders from politics and society.”


Christian Leu, CFO ista International GmbH

“The smart, sustainably energy-efficient multi-family building is the focus of our business model. We therefore work at the interface between the housing, energy and digital industries and network the key trends and issues of our times. All our communications with customers and employees, investors and analysts, journalists and political decision-makers therefore rely on networking, on talking to them in person and therefore on transparency. Our new digital magazine intensifies this even more. It contains exciting but also surprising insights into our company and our field of business and encourages dialogue and an exchange of views.”


Mirko-Alexander Kahre, SVP Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

“Today, ista is a company with an extremely international character. Our employees now support customers in 25 markets all around the world. The changeover of our entire corporate communications to digital channels is, nevertheless, a major step towards communicating with all our target groups up close and personal: faster, more flexibly and therefore also better. INSIDEista will not only illustrate our products, services and markets from ever new perspectives but also put our employees in the limelight and therefore vividly communicate our culture and the spirit of our company.”


Jana Eggerding, SVP Corporate Human Resources

The labour market is undergoing a major upheaval – in some sectors faster than in others but the direction is clear: we are moving away from an employer market to an applicant market.

INSIDEista not only makes us transparent but also attractive. A major advantage in the “war for talents”. Nowadays, the majority of applicants obtain information about potential employers online. ista therefore has to be visible on the Internet. In interaction with our Careers page and our corporate site, the new magazine adds interesting perspectives to our employer profile. And last but not least, it livens up and gives new colour to our employee communications – that fits in with our culture of seizing opportunities for change and I personally like it very much.


Picture credits: ista