Four views of the ista world


INSIDEista makes the world of ista transparent for very different target groups. The digital magazine sheds light on challenges and innovations which are shaping our industry but it also makes our range of products and services and our culture tangible. The appeal of the new format lies in its journalistic diversity, the people who express their opinions and the changing views. Our employees present the four sections of the magazine.



“A large number of factors impact our business. Our industry has therefore changed greatly in recent years and will also continue to develop tremendously in the future. In the “Perspectives” section, we look at the world beyond our everyday business: What are the general conditions set by politicians? What is happening on the international market? What do experts think, for example about the latest developments in the housing industry? How do journalists see the national energy industry in their country? What are the industry’s concerns? What are our competitors doing? For me, that is the really exciting part which I am already looking forward to.”
Christophe Conquy, ista France

ista France



“This section deals with what ista does in its operational business: our services, products and projects. We take the reader with us into our everyday lives. We make what we do concrete and easy to understand for everyone. Both employees and external readers can therefore get close up to the developments currently taking place in the company or influencing ista. ista experts express their views, give an insight into their activities and provide a first-hand account of how projects develop, what obstacles they have to overcome and what successes they expect for the company. In this section we are right in the thick of it, so to speak. At the heart of ista – exactly where, in my opinion, it is also most exciting!”
Paweł Kogut, ista Poland



“Our corporate culture and the people who fill it with life are what drive ista. Whether employees, customers, service providers or managers, they all write another chapter in ista’s success story every day. In the “Manpower” section, we want to focus on what goes on behind the scenes. The spotlight is on individual employees, customers, teams or branches, painting a colourful picture of ista. We show what drives people in what they do. Their aspirations, achievements, experiences and successes are in the foreground – after all, you can’t do work without people.”
Sonia Canelo Candea, ista International



“Sustainability is firmly anchored in the heart of our business. We are proud of our sustainability report, which communicates our successes in this field to the outside world. I am very pleased that the report is now an integral part of the new online magazine, which is only logical given our sustainability strategy. The “Reporting” section deals with corporate responsibility from A to Z: energy efficiency, resource conservation, environmental protection as well as social engagement – all in accordance with the latest G4 standard of the Global Reporting Initiative. This is how we qualify as a sustainable company – for me, one of the most important subjects of all and something that everyone should associate with ista.”
Dimitri Tasinato, ista Italy

Picture credits: grasundsterne