What is special about working at ista?


Choosing the right employer is difficult. The Top Employers Institute provides guidance to potential employees in making their choice. It commends companies that create outstanding working conditions for their employees. This year, it again commended ista. The company became a top employer for the sixth time in succession. We asked two of our colleagues from France and Poland what is special about working at ista from their point of view.

Every year, the Dutch Top Employers Institute selects the best employers in the world. The assessment criteria include the induction of new employees, corporate culture and staff development. This year, the ista branches in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland as well as the ista Shared Service Centers in Poland and Romania received awards. INSIDE talked to Florianne Francois in France and Izabela Kozicka in Poland about working at ista.

Florianne, you have both been working for some time at ista. Isn’t it slowly becoming boring?

Florianne Francois: (laughs) Quite the contrary, because I had the chance to experience many assignments and explore various topics throughout my 3 years at ista. Functional mobility opportunities are quite extensive and encouraged. Last year, I attended the “Staff leadership and interpersonal communication” seminar as I work in interdisciplinary teams a lot: this was also a good opportunity to get a feel for the variety of positions and roles within the company.

How would you describe the corporate culture at ista?

Commitment at ista. One of the top employers worldwiede. In a team you close ranks.
Committed employees at one of the top employers: Izabela Kozicka (r.) at their „Yes We Care“-Campaign.

Izabela Kozicka: Our corporate culture is great! We all help each other! I can also talk to colleagues about private matters. I therefore enjoy going to work every day. The Family Day last year, which was held directly beside the lake, was also terrific. Over 600 children, partners and parents of colleagues were there. The atmosphere was relaxed and the team came even closer together.

Florianne Francois: A great example of the community spirit at ista – we all help one another. For example, in France there is an online video series with valuable information on ista’s products, systems and devices. The platform is looked after by colleagues who want to share their knowledge. A continuously expanding encyclopaedia – like Wikipedia.

Izabela, how important is teamwork at ista?

Izabela Kozicka: I believe basically you can only be successful as a team. So at iSS in Poland, there are also a great many projects which we work together on – sometimes even in our spare time. One example of this is the “Yes We Care” campaign. The company helps us to support social projects together. A particular project in 2017 will always be special to me. Together with 59 Polish colleagues, we made hearts and bowls out of clay. So real handicraft. And then we painted them together with children suffering from cancer and their parents in hospitals in Katowice and Zabrze. I will never forget the curious looks on the faces of the children. Seeing the children smiling really touched me and, at the same time, also inspired me.