Christmas – and no stress for once


So this year, Christmastime is going to be really relaxing. Nice and easy. Without all the usual rush and stress of Christmases in the last few years. A nice get-together with the family by candlelight, with a Christmas tree and presents. Chatting and eating good food. Finishing the year without any stress at all.

Well, the fact that Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday this year doesn’t really help, but I can still have a leisurely look for presents for my boyfriend in the morning. Perhaps on the way to the flower shop where I’m picking up another present for my mum. Oh, and it would actually not be a bad idea to stop off at the hairdresser’s – I haven’t had my hair done for ages. Then off to my parents. On the way I’ll make a quick detour to call at my goddaughter’s so I can get to see her excited eyes when she unpacks her present – which I could quickly buy from the toy shop. That would be really great. But this year I’ve invited my parents to our place on Boxing Day so my mum can finally relax for once and not have to start worrying weeks before Christmas about roasting the turkey. That reminds me – I really ought to buy the turkey. All sorted: on the way to the toy shop, there’s a supermarket; I can leave the ingredients with my friend while I do everything else. Anyway, in the evening it’ll be a totally relaxing small family gathering with presents and a delicious meal.


But it mustn’t go on for too long as we all have to get up early the next day to drive to Bad Honnef for the traditional Christmas feast with my father’s family. All nice and cosy and relaxing before we leave for home to celebrate Christmas quietly with my boyfriend’s family. And the next day is also a day off work – that’s when I’ll be playing host to my parents. We’re keeping it small this time – but actually we could invite my boyfriend’s uncle. And, as I want to give my future brother-in-law his present personally, it would be lovely if he and my sister could come along too. This year it’s going to be quiet and peaceful. I only have to make sure they don’t get too cosy because I’ve got to get them out of the house in good time so my boyfriend and I can exchange our presents. Thank goodness I’ve got the 27th off, too. I think I’ll simply do … absolutely nothing. On the other hand… I could actually take the chance to visit my friend in Dortmund that day. If I’m going to be driving north anyway, I could make a short detour to the Christmas market in Münster, and while I’m at it, a visit to my old university friends wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. I just have to make sure I’m back in the evening – for the girls’ annual reunion. We see each other far too little. Perhaps I’ll leave the Münster trip to New Year’s Eve. But that will make it a bit tight as we’re already setting off for Rosenheim at midday to see my boyfriend’s sister. So naturally I won’t manage any more to do some sport and I also did intend to go to the cemetery… Oh well… I’ll manage it somehow – after all, I’ve finally got time around Christmas and haven’t planned so much. Just for once, time to relax and recharge my batteries.


Let’s face it, I need energy for next year – so I can also provide you with stories, reports and interviews about ista and energy efficiency on INSIDEista in 2017. So, on that note, I would like to totally relax and say thanks for the first year with you and INSIDEista. We from the INSIDEista editorial team are already looking forward to what is coming. And just so we can keep getting better and suit your taste: please write to us at with your ideas, praise, criticism and suggestions for improvement.

I wish you a Happy Christmas without any stress and rushing around. I hope the new year gets off to a good start for you.

Warmest regards
Verena Wachten