Football unites – also at ista


Friday afternoon on the way to Bonn. We're off to the soccer cup 2017, ista's international football tournament. For many employees it's the highlight of the ista year. And for my colleague and me it is pretty much the only company event that we go to feeling relatively relaxed. Because we haven't organised it ourselves. Nevertheless, this year we are worrying with our colleagues from Bonn about the weather.

On Friday evening it doesn’t look good at all. At the get-together in the beer garden, it is wet and rainy. But that doesn’t dampen anybody’s spirits at all: on the eve of the legendary ista football tournament 2017, some 600 ista employees from all over the world have already met up to get in the mood for the event.

Norwegians are having fun, even without their own team

But just as the tournament is about to begin, the weather changes: clear blue skies and a pleasant temperature. It puts the accompanying fans in a good mood and high spirits. Nearly 1,000 colleagues have come to the Sportschule Hennef grounds this weekend. “What pleased us most was the spontaneity of our Norwegian colleagues who decided just a week before to come to our football tournament – even without their own team,” says branch manager Peter Kunz.

16 nations battle for the ista cup

ista soccer cup 2017

29 teams from 16 nations compete against each other for the cup in the group rounds on the Sportschule Hennef grounds. Players out-dribble their opponents, outsmart their tactics, hit the crossbar and score goals. The main attraction is, of course, on the pitch. But whoever’s playing, whether it’s the Hannover Flamingos, the Spanish Rojista or the Dutch Lions: without the accompanying fans it simply wouldn’t be the same. They cheer, scream, beat drums and wave flags – more atmosphere than at many a Bundesliga match. “The atmosphere is awesome – everybody is putting their heart and soul into cheering on their teams. Nevertheless, it’s all fair play – both on the pitch and on the sidelines,” says a delighted fan. The players can train between the matches and try their luck with our INSIDEista goal wall – it’s a magnet for fans and players alike.

„The atmosphere is awesome – everybody is putting their heart and soul into cheering on their teams.“

ista soccer cup

The Oldboys leave everybody else standing

The group rounds are over in a flash – in the quarter finals the Essen team, FC Stahl und Stollen, loses a nail-biting penalty shoot-out to Spielvereinigung 69-76, our colleagues from Dortmund and Münster, who ultimately end up in the cup final against ista Shared Services from Poland. There the Oldboys win through and claim the hard-fought challenge cup. And if we’re honest, they really deserve it!

Apart from football, our high-spirited Polish colleagues can do something else particularly well: be overjoyed and celebrate victory in the tournament. And they have plenty of time to do that in the evening: at the evening event with the official trophy presentation, everybody dances, parties and bets on the outcome of the soccer cup 2018 until the early hours of the morning.

Places 1 – 3 soccer cup

1st place Oldboys (ista Shared Services, Poland)

2nd place Spielvereinigung 69-76 (ista Dortmund and Münster, Germany)

3rd place Berolina (ista Berlin, Germany)

Top 3 in the INSIDEista goal wall competition

 1st place Christian Weber

 2nd place Egor Dragun

                                            3rd place Lukas Schielke

Next year we’re off to Essen

Normally the winners host the next tournament but since head office in Essen is moving into a new building, the next soccer cup will, by way of exception, be held in, where else, Essen. So the ball is our court again. And so next year my colleague and I won’t be quite so relaxed when we go to the ista event of the year…




The soccer cup 2018 will be held in Essen