Jörg’s column: energy!


Dear client, “Can it be a little more?” You probably hear this question from the butcher sometimes. But may it also be a bit less?

When I’m asking this question, you know what I am talking about: the temperature! Talking about the weather is not one of my strengths, but in this edition, I simply have to do it. In recent weeks, ‘the weather’ has undoubtedly been ranked number one among the most discussed topics. This extreme and long-lasting heat is, quite frankly, something I cannot remember having happened before, and probably the same is true for many of you, and so, it is something special enough to pay attention to.

It is a reason to go to the beach, and it is a reason to cool down next to the fan. And celebrating your holiday in your own country does nothing for our southern neighbours as regards temperature. It is a bit different for Dutch farmers. They are especially busy in this heat. There is plenty of spraying, trying to make the cattle as comfortable as possible and the grain harvest is already in full swing.

Solar panels are also working overtime. According to the reports, on Dutch roofs, on the longest day of the year, a record quantity of energy was generated: More than three gas-fired power plants combined! Despite the energy-guzzling air conditioners, which we cannot live without these days, this is a nice contribution towards energy-neutral living.

In the next 32 years, 3.8 million homes in the Netherlands will have to get rid of gas. That’s an average of 118,000 per year. An almost unimaginably great challenge. Many private home owners are very concerned about the funding for this. Many companies are also already occupied with this transition. Of course, ista and its sister organisation, istaDES, are also busy with the preparations for this transition…

We, as ista, in spite of the heat, are just as busy as usual. We are working, full power, on the consumption-dependent accounts for your residents, we are working on various innovation projects and we are looking forward, with confidence, to the new version of the Heating Act. In the past year, you have been able to read which points of the law will be amended via the brancheorganisatie NLVVE [NLVVE trade association] website. The new version, to which the House of Representatives has recently agreed, will, therefore, not contain any surprises.

For many of us this period is an opportunity to spend time with family and/or friends and enjoy a holiday.
I wish you all a great summer.

Sunny regards,
Jörg Plönissen