The man who plays the long pass from midfield


Dr Alcay Kamis stands on the sideline, a firm handshake, a quick greeting, then it's straight down to talking. First of all about football and the club he supports, Arminia Bielefeld, then about his professional passion, strategic corporate management. It quickly becomes clear what the connection between the two subjects is for him: "I do not just want to win the next match, but the whole championship.“

Alcay, who was born in East Westphalia, Germany, played football himself for a long time, in the midfield directly behind the forwards. Even though he now only goes to watch his two sons play, he has internalised many a lesson from the sport: to have any chance of winning the championship, you need to have staying power and a good team. He shows this perseverance not just in his private life but above all in his professional life. For example, he did his degree in real estate management at the EBZ Business School in Bochum whilst working full-time and followed it with studies for a doctorate, also while working. Although the double workload cost him many hours of sleep, it enabled him to always combine practice and theory perfectly. Since 2014 he has been sharing his knowledge with the students of the EBZ as a lecturer and at the moment, together with the former vice-chancellor of the business school, he is developing a textbook on “Strategic Management for the Housing and Real Estate Industry”, which mainly focuses on practical tools for strategic corporate management.

Alcay Kamis – The man who plays the long passfrom midfield Content
Alcay Kamis is the man who plays the long pass from midfield.

Getting closer to customer needs

After twelve years at the housing company GAGFAH and three years in a cooperative building association, he has gained extensive experience in the housing industry and knows different property management strategies first-hand. Kamis knows the game and its rules. It was for this very reason that the opportunity to change perspective and build up the new “Competence Center Residential” at ista appealed to him. For him the core function of the new centre is to get ista even closer to the customers, to develop added value together and so to actively prepare the field for the services of tomorrow: “The important thing is to not just raise awareness of the problems but above all to solve them,” says Kamis.

In doing so, he prefers to look to the future and not to the past and is not scared of big ideas. “If the biggest cinema operator, Netflix, no longer owns any cinemas and the biggest producer of news, Facebook, doesn’t produce any news itself, can the biggest metering service provider still continue to offer its own meters in future? I think we have to take such ideas very seriously and then, with a view to our own company and its customers, act in a considered manner with the focus on the future,” says Kamis, explaining his approach.

Team play always comes first

Therefore, at ista he sees his task not in Sales but in preparing his colleagues from Sales in the best possible way to meet the customers’ needs. Or drawing an analogy with football again: he doesn’t see himself as a goal-getter but as the man who plays the long pass from midfield. Team play always comes first: “It is important to develop joint interests, arrive at a mutual understanding and to act in a transparent and loyal way. This is a very lengthy process but it has to be worth it to us so we can be successful in the long term,” he says, putting his motivation in a nutshell. Dr Alcay Kamis wants to use the drive he learned from sport and the courage to sometimes think outside the box to take ista further forward in the real estate industry – naturally always with a view to becoming the champions.