CR Reporting from 2010 to 2013


After four years of CR reporting, we have now taken the next logical step. From 2014 we are reporting according to the GRI G4 standard and also improving our sustainability performance by changing from print to digital. You can access our printed reports from the past years here as PDFs.

ista Sustainability Report 2013

Under the motto, « Transparency », in the Sustainability Report 2013 we not only make energy consumption but also our own sustainability activities transparent. The report focuses on ista employees and external stakeholders who, with their statements, open a forum for energy Efficiency.
Sustainability Report 2013 (PDF 4,8 MB)

ista Sustainability Report 2012

Under the title, « Global Challenges – Regional Solutions », in the Sustainability Report 2012 we present stories from all over the ista world. Whether small steps or large-scale measures – they all make a contribution to the implementation of ista’s sustainability strategy.
Sustainability Report 2012 (PDF 4,3 MB)

ista Sustainability Report 2011

The Sustainability Report 2011 is ista’s first report prepared according to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and was awarded the Level B+. Under the title, « For Measurable Successes, for an Intact Environment », ista measures its sustainability progress and, for the first time, quantifies it with concrete figures.
Sustainability Report 2011 (PDF 4,8 MB)

ista Sustainability Report 2010

The Sustainability Report 2010 is the first sustainability report published by ista. Based on the GRI Guidelines, under the title « Using Energy Efficiently » we take our first steps in CR reporting.
Sustainability Report 2010 (PDF 1,9 MB)