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Our success hinges on the motivation and engagement of the people at ista. We would like to find and keep the people who best fit in with us – we can convince them with a values culture which is based on openness, honesty and mutual respect.


Scoring points as a top employer

We ensure our position as a top employer with a wide range of vocational and further training programmes, health measures, family offerings, equal opportunities and a long-term strategy in which employees can actively participate. It was not without reason that the Top Employers Certificate 2016 again rewarded our performance as an attractive employer. Alongside ista Germany, our national organisations in Austria, France, Poland and Switzerland also received awards.

However, we do not rely on all that alone. We measure our employees’ satisfaction internally every two years. In the « People Survey ista », employees and managers can anonymously assess ista as a company, its leadership, cooperation and work organisation. To the 2014 result

Offering stable working conditions

In 2015, 5,488 employees worked at ista worldwide. The majority of them – 79% – had permanent employment contracts. With 1,402 employees and 120 apprentices, Germany has the highest number of employees and this is also where our head office is located.

Total number of employees by employment contract and type of employment


Age structure of the workforce*


Workforce by region and gender*

   2015 2014
Female Male Total Female Male Total
Central Europe (excl. D) 85 110 195 78 101 179
ista Germany 739 663 1,402 688 621 1,309
ista France 214 424 638 224 445 669
North Europe 111 126 237 107 124 231
West/East/South Europe (excl. F) 411 811 1,222 384 721 1,105
Emerging Markets 64 129 193 64 129 193
ista International 125 264 389 120 249 369
ista Shared Services 829 243 1,072 704 211 915

*excl. apprentices

Loyalty pays off

Low staff turnover rates bear witness to high employee satisfaction. In Germany, the average duration of service at the company is 12.2 years, similar to the French subsidiary, for example, where it is 12.3 years.

Turnover by reason for employment termination and recruitment rate

  2015 2014 
Termination by employee 320 257
Termination by ista 304 213
End of fixed-term contracts, retirement, seasonal termination or similar 270 332
Total turnover 894 802
New recruits 1,082 961
Rate (in %)* 17.3% 16.7%

*Total number of departures divided by (total workforce minus total number of new recruits plus total number of departures)

Promoting development

It is our mission to secure our position as one of the world’s leading energy service providers through innovative products and services – we can only succeed in this if we optimally prepare our employees for the challenges facing them by offering vocational and further training. In 2015, every ista employee took part in further training for an average of 28 hours. To our activities

In view of developments such as the demographic change and the associated shortage of skilled workers, it is particularly important to ensure that young people remain loyal to the company. In the reporting period, 42 new apprentices joined the company in Germany and the apprentice base camp was redesigned to receive them. Apprentices who join ista gain an insight into the company over four days of seminars and are adequately prepared for the start to their careers. Moreover, we offer placements for students from Germany and abroad so that we can also position ourselves as an attractive employer beyond national boundaries. In this context, ista in Germany supports the « Ruhr-Fellowship » programme of Initiativkreis Ruhr.

In order to give pupils career guidance and an insight into our company, in 2015 we again participated in the series of talks, « Dialogue with Young People » – an initiative which brings pupils together with Management Board members of major companies in a round of discussions.

An open, direct and constructive exchange of views with our employees is important to us.

Providing feedback

An open, direct and constructive exchange of views with our employees takes place during our annual staff appraisal interviews and target agreement talks. They are an opportunity to provide constructive feedback on performance and permit the development of targets for the future. In 2015, the percentage of employees invited to these interviews was again high.

Networked working

Given the expected growth in Europe and in the emerging markets, we are reliant on the sharing of experience. Therefore, in the reporting period we introduced a new company policy on international assignments. The aim of the new Global Mobility Policy is to transfer existing expertise to the benefit of international markets. It also provides a framework for eliminating short-term manpower shortages in a country.

Value-based action governs how we work together. Our goal: to firmly anchor ista’s Shared Values in the corporate culture, also in the long term.

Engaging together

Value-based action governs how we work together. In the reporting period, our goal was to firmly anchor ista’s Shared Values in the corporate culture, also in the long term. Five employees from different countries were therefore appointed to be value ambassadors and shared their experiences with the Shared Values with their colleagues in a Video.

With our Corporate Volunteering Programme « grow – great respect for our world », we enable our employees worldwide to make a positive contribution to the environment and society themselves. Focus is on the Corporate Volunteering Days campaign days on which employees are released from work to do voluntary and charitable work.

Staying healthy

Workplace health promotion is high on ista’s agenda – for our joint success is closely linked to our employees’ ability to perform. In the reporting period, a health week was held at the Leipzig service centre – offering advice, among other things on nutrition and coaching for back pain. Moreover, our employees were able to take advantage of free colon cancer screening and flu vaccinations. We also held seminars on the subject of « Healthy Leadership » for managers of the entire German organisation. Employees were offered stress management seminars. One new offering we introduced was a preventive measure in the field of mental health: the so-called « Voice Check ». It uses automated telephone interviews to analyse signs of stress in a person’s voice. Free individualised support offerings follow, if necessary. More health measures.

In 2015, our employees were absent for 7.9 days on average; in 2010, the figure was still 8.4 days on average. Therefore, the sickness rate remained more or less the same at 3.5% compared with the previous year (3.2%). In the reporting period, there were 12 accidents in Germany, in 2014 the figure was 19.

Sickness rate by region

 REGION 2015 2014*
ista Group
3.5% 3.2%
ista International 3.6% 2.7%
Central Europe (excl. D) 2.5% 2.6%
West, East and South Europe (excl. F) 1.5% 1.7%
North Europe 3.5%  2.1%
Emerging Countries 0.7% 0.9%
ista Germany
4.6% 4.1%
ista France
5.2% 5.1%
ista Shared Services (Poland & Romania) 3.9% 3.4%

*In view of data received after the reporting deadline, the 2014 figures for the sickness rates in the regions Central Europe (excl. D), West, East and South Europe (excl. F) and ista Shared Services (Poland & Romania) have been restated.

Guaranteeing fairness

At ista, employees can pursue their occupation in a non-discriminatory environment, irrespective of their gender, age, religion, sexual identity, origin or disability and have equal opportunities. This also means that women receive the same remuneration as their male colleagues for doing the same work.

It is important to us to fill positions with men and women in a balanced ratio. With a share of 48%, nearly one employee in two was female in 2015 and 29% of our management positions were held by women. ista Germany has voluntarily committed to increasing the percentage of women in management positions at the first and second levels below the Management Board in the next few years. We help our employees with a wide range of offerings to achieve a good work-life balance – this applies equally to male and female employees. To our measures.

Recognising workers’ rights

ista recognises the rights of workers to form trade unions, join them or conduct collective bargaining negotiations. The interests of our employees are represented by works councils in many countries. At present, we survey the percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements in five of the 24 countries where we operate.

Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements


Picture credits: grasundsterne, ista