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For us, progress means doing something better and more simply than we did in the past. It generally involves technical innovations which enable us to achieve this. Since the invention of the steam engine and its industrial use, almost no other technology has revolutionised our daily lives so much as the use of digital structures nowadays. The digital world is changing our energy future, our mobility and the way we live together. Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly « smarter » and our homes more and more « smart homes ».

However, the smartest technology is not much good if we users cannot handle and employ it efficiently. For example, what’s the use of being able to control our heating systems when we are away from home if we do not know how much energy and costs we are saving as a result? Only when our energy consumption is transparent does our personal use of energy resources become « smart ».

We make heating and hot water consumption transparent for all users at all times.

We at ista are on a mission to create this transparency. On the basis of advanced digital radio technology, we record individual energy consumption in multi-family buildings for our customers and bill them at least once a year. At the same time, we go one step further and make heating and hot water consumption transparent for all users at all times. Our monthly consumption information provides all our users with reliable data on their own individual energy behaviour at all times.

Progress and transparency guide us, not just in our core business. In 2014, one particular example of progress for us was the refinement of our company’s Shared Values which shape our actions today and in future. We are also continuously improving our own sustainability performance: we ourselves save energy and water and are constantly cutting our consumption of paper. But it is only through transparent reporting and open, constructive dialogue that we can exchange views with our stakeholders on how we can achieve progress together – from which society and the environment benefit. This year, we are reporting for the first time in accordance with the new G4 guidelines of the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative. Moreover, this report is our progress report to the Global Compact of the United Nations and illustrates how we promote human rights, good working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption programmes throughout the world.

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Walter Schmidt



Picture credits: ista