From metering to conscious action


ista's business model is fundamentally based on conscious and careful use of natural energy and water resources. In 24 countries around the world, we demonstrate that energy efficiency and climate protection do not have to be complicated or expensive.

Our approach, so-called submetering, is primarily geared to the individual user in the building instead of cost-intensive refurbishment measures on the outer envelope of a building. For the consumer decides on how efficiently he uses energy in his own four walls. ista creates the basis for taking this decision – by providing information and cost transparency. Tenants can only initiate targeted action if they know their consumption – and together we can achieve progress in the conservation of natural resources.

Our customers are real estate companies, house owners, home owners’ associations and energy utilities. We offer them and their tenants transparency based on individual energy consumption. Using advanced radio technology, we first record individual heat and water consumption mainly in privately used multi-family buildings but also in commercial properties. We process the data in an illustrative manner and prepare a detailed bill of each user’s individual energy consumption. Everyone therefore only pays for the energy they actually consume. That is not only transparent but also fair.

In addition to fairness, transparency also has another effect. People who have responsibility for their energy consumption and therefore pay for the relevant costs generally keep a much closer eye on their energy consumption behaviour. After evaluating numerous international studies, the European Commission concluded that from 15% up to even 30% of heating energy can be saved through nationwide submetering and corresponding allocation of the heating costs. Consumption and cost transparency is therefore one of the greatest levers for the efficient use of energy. Therefore, ista continuously supports the improvement of transparency in the heating sector and now offers consumption information which can also be quickly accessed via digital media. Together with our customers in the real estate industry, we are therefore turning the tenant into a « smart tenant ».

Submetering – this is how it works

Sustainable solutions

Our product portfolio mainly comprises radio-based heat cost allocators, heat and water meters as well as the relevant installation accessories. Based on this, we offer, as part of our energy management, numerous supplementary services with which we further improve the energy efficiency of buildings. For example, our Heating ECG checks and monitors the performance of central heating systems. In addition to more efficiency, however, we also ensure greater safety: we help to save lives with our smoke alarm devices. Moreover, our drinking water analysis offers efficient protection against potential hazards in drinking water, e.g. legionella or other dangerous germs.

ista looks after roughly 49 million metering devices in over 12 million dwellings all over the world. Our customers include property managers and owners as well as energy utilities.


Active around the world

With its headquarters in Essen (Germany), the ista Group operates in 24 countries worldwide. In addition to Germany, we focus in particular on other European markets such as Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania and Poland. In 2015, we are opening a new office in Croatia. Emerging markets, such as China, Russia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, are also steadily gaining importance. ista is already the market leader in many of these countries. In Germany, the company holds a strong second position. The companies in the USA and Bulgaria were sold in the reporting period. ista’s activities are supported in some countries by independent service partners. In Germany, they are responsible, for example, for installing and reading the meters.



Major key figures G4-17

In 2014, ista recorded worldwide sales of EUR 781.2 million. That is a 5% increase in sales over 2013. Total capitalisation amounted to EUR 4.2 billion. In the reporting period, EUR 106.7 million was invested, including EUR 80.8 million alone as upfront investment in hardware which we rent out to our customers. 5,135 employees worked for the Group. The full-time equivalent as at December 31, 2014 was 4,775. Women accounted for 47% or almost one in two of the workforce in 2014. In addition to ista Luxemburg GmbH S.à. r.l., another 47 companies are included in the consolidated financial statements of ista Luxemburg.

in EUR million 2014 2013
Total capitalisation 4,230 4,257
- of which liabilities 3,960 3,939
- of which equity 270 317
Total capitalisation 4,230
- of which liabilities 3,960
- of which equity 270
Total capitalisation 4,257
- of which liabilities 3,939
- of which equity 317

Our management

The management of ista International GmbH is responsible for strategic and operational control and also has overall responsibility for risk management of the entire Group. The managing directors are Walter Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christian Leu, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Jochen Schein, Chief Operating Officer (COO).  The remuneration of the management consists of a fixed and a variable component which depends on the overall success of the company.  Christian Leu and Jochen Schein also sit on ista’s Supervisory Board – Christian Leu is the Supervisory Board Chairman. The ultimate parent company of the ista Group is Trius Holdings S.C.A. headquartered in Luxembourg. The majority of this company’s owners are funds advised by CVC Capital Partners. The ista management also holds shares in the company.

Picture credits: grasundsterne