Five values for a feeling of togetherness


Success without values is inconceivable for ista. ista's business environment is dynamic and is constantly changing. In order to actively shape this change, the company refined its strategy in 2014. The next logical step was to revise the corporate values. They are the basis for the feeling of togetherness in our daily working lives and are the foundation for the employees' volunteering work.

Successful together

« Keeping Commitments », « Encouraging Empowerment », « Taking Responsibility », « Promoting Trust » and « Building Partnerships »: these new corporate values are the basis for our daily work together. At the same time, they also reflect changed market conditions and ista’s strategic objectives. « Our Shared Values form the core of our corporate culture. They represent ista’s character and identity but also how we want to work together around the world. At the same time, they confirm to our partners and customers that they can justifiably have high expectations of us, » explains Jana Eggerding, Senior Vice President Corporate HR of ista.

Employees as value ambassadors

One declared objective of the review was to define corporate values which optimally fit ista and offer guidance to every employee in everyday life. An international working group was therefore established to develop the new Shared Values in numerous workshops. The end result was five values which embody how ista thinks and acts. At the same time, they stand for how each individual can contribute to the joint company success. And as ista employees can best represent the Shared Values, they – instead of professional models – give the values a face as part of the campaign.


The making-of film shows with what commitment and enthusiasm the ista employees « modelled » the values.


Campaign start with photo shoot

The global campaign for the Shared Values started in spring 2014. ista presented the new values to its employees in a campaign unique in the company’s history. Presentations and speeches by the management focused in particular on the strategic relevance of the new corporate values. However, the highlight of the day for the employees was the opportunity to slip into the role of value ambassadors themselves: organised photo shoots invited employees to recreate the campaign motifs together with their colleagues.

« The enthusiastic participation in the photo shoots shows that the new Shared Values were readily accepted by our colleagues, » says the Project Manager from Corporate HR, Tanja Seidler.


Hedge cutters instead of heat cost allocators

With the international corporate volunteering programme, « grow », ista and its employees are contributing to the corporate value, « Taking Responsibility ». The focus is on the Corporate Volunteering Days: campaign days when employees are released from work to pursue voluntary and charitable activities. With grow, ista supports its employees in their engagement with which they are not only helping people and the environment but also breathing life into ista’s sustainability strategy.

Essen: think global, act local

The Corporate Volunteering Day, organised by Essen head office in autumn 2014, was a resounding success. Equipped with shovels, hoes and brooms, some 80 Essen employees volunteered to clear storm damage in a public park. The severe storm, « Ela », had raged that spring leaving chaos in its wake. After the clear-up, the public could safely use the park again. In response, the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia honoured ista’s Corporate Volunteering Day as the « Engagement of the Month November 2014 ».

Wenn alle mit anpacken, können sogar ganze Parks wieder zugänglich gemacht werden.
When everyone lends a hand, even entire parks can be made accessible again.


Poland: on stage with shared values

ista Poland is proving how deeply the corporate values are anchored at ista. For years, the employees there have been doing volunteer work for an orphanage. In 2014, they came up with a very special Christmas event: our Polish colleagues staged the three children’s plays « Peter Pan », « Cinderella » and « Sleeping Beauty » – and lit up the children’s eyes.

Reflecting the new ista Shared Values, they formed five groups to put on the plays. The group « Taking Responsibility » was responsible for the stage scenery and technical equipment. The « Encouraging Empowerment »,  « Keeping Commitments » and « Building Partnerships » teams were the actors and the « Promoting Trust » team looked after the children during rehearsals. Country Manager Thomas Bazga: « It was a wonderful evening which we will all remember for a long time. And the most important thing: the children thoroughly enjoyed our fairytale performances. »

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Picture credits: grasundsterne, ista